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Hours: 9:00-19:00 Monday-Sunday

Welcome to Eyelash Salon Hilulu - Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare certified. Established in 2009, please enjoy our high technical skills and technology while visiting Sasebo, Nagasaki.


7-45 Yorozucho, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki-ken, 857-0877

Appointment bookings in English- please use our fb messenger system @salonhilulu​



All prices are excluding tax. Sales tax 10%.



20-Eyelashes -1500円
40-Eyelashes- 2500円
60-Eyelashes - 3500円
80-Eyelashes - 4500円
100-Eyelashes - 5000円

Full Set 5500円 (Refill-100 eyelashes within 1 month +2500円) 
Flat Lash upgrade - First time trial + 500円. ( Next visit +1000円 )

Flat Lock upgrade - First time trial + 1000円.( Next visit +2000円 )


Tickets- 21000円  (100 Eyelashes × 5 visits)


Volume LASH

240- First visit - 3500円  Repeat -7500円 Refill - 5500円

320- First visit - 4500円  Repeat - 9500円 Refill - 7500円

400- First visit - 5500円  Repeat - 11500円 Refill - 9500円


Additional Services

Removal - 1500円
Under eyelid pack - 500円

7-45 Zorozucho, Sasebo-shi,
Nagasaki-ken, 857-0877
Please use public parking lot.
10-minute walk from the main base
beside the Gobangai mall.
If using a taxi- please show the driver
this address in Japanese.



つるやビル2F E

Salon Hilulu Policy 

In order to provide the best service - Please read


New customers are required to provide a credit card number. No Exceptions.

Please read salon policies below.


1. Cancellations - Please inform us at least 1 hour prior to your appointment.

*Customers who do not notify us, will be charged a cancellation fee of 4000 Japanese Yen.

Kindly notify us if you will be late for your scheduled appointment time.

Please refrain from making multiple bookings for friends. 

2. Salon Hilulu has the "Right of Refusal" to any customer who is late, misses an appointment or continually causes undue problems for Salon Hilulu staff. 


3. Please visit without eye make-up such as mascara or coating. Please wash your eyes well the day of your visit.


4. Customers are required to sign a disclaimer prior to application of eyelash extensions.


5. Customers understand that the salon has limited service in "ENGLISH". If a detailed explanation is required, we strongly recommend you acquire the services of a translator.

6. We accept credit cards and Japanese Yen as payment. No USD please.


7. Persons who have skin allergies or sensitivity to glues and materials used for eyelash extensions, may be refused service. 


Thank you for your understanding.

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